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i almost died [Apr. 10th, 2004|12:14 am]
× Tim Anderson ×
I was just sitting in my chair, watching TV and petting my cats, and i scratched my nose, and i looked at my hand, and there was blood on it. I was freaking out. Everyone was asleep, so i went to the bathroom, turned on the lights and i got sooo light-headed, i almost passed out. My nose never bled before. So, i had to sit down, get a damp washcloth, pat my face down, then cleaned up the blood. I didnt look at the washcloth 'cause i knew i was going to throw up. I just realized i got the same feeling when i was donating blood. I think i genuinely have a pschological fear of blood. Not all blood- just my own. I don't know what i'd do if i was in a more dangerous situation- i'd probably let myself die... hahah... i hope Darwin's survival of the fittest is wrong- because i don't think I'm a survivor.
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Spring Break 2004 [Apr. 7th, 2004|12:07 am]
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[how i feel |productiveproductive]
[current jam |Meant To Live (Switchfoot)]

Well, my friends- its spring break, and I'm not in New York. This is pretty depressing. Esspecially since I know many people who are there right now (probably asleep- they're 4 hours ahead) enjoying themselves. Mrs. Adams, Chelsea Searcy, Sarah Butler, Natasha Green, Dustin and Michael. And I'm missing out on the fun!!! I soooo have to go next year. Hopefully with Danny P and Steven.

Speaking of the devils, (Steven, Daniel, and Andre) they are enjoying themselves at a christian convention dealy and are prolly also having a blast on their spring break. Yes. I'm jealous. They rented hotel rooms and are buying dinners and shopping- and I'm too scared to ask my parents for more money this year, so I didn't try to go. So I hope they enjoy themselves.

As for me, I'm pushing my play (The Curious Savage @ Rotary Theatre April 22-25) and gathering props. So far I've only spent $15 so I'm doing well. I went to all the thrift stores, and I hit my grandparents up for old crap. I'm also making a neat seascape painting that will be a prop in the show and I need to find out what bonds look like so I can fabricate those.

One thing I'm making sure of doing this week is not wasting my time- and I've done pretty well with that. Its only Tuesday and I've already fixed my uncle's computer, found half of the props I needed to get this week, painted a neat painting, did some creative floral arrangement... etc.. And on top of all this, I'm finishing up the program for the show and I'm trying to right skits for our comedy show coming up in May.

Well... Hmm.. :)
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Its Me Again [Feb. 23rd, 2004|12:41 am]
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[how i feel |complacentcomplacent]
[current jam |Living In America - RENT!]

I guess I should post before you forget me...

Just now, I put on a Rent CD and I remembered how that music brought so much fun. So I'm going to be playing it more often.

Life As Of Earlier:

Well- Smokey Joes Cafe was a freakin BLAST- prolly the best musical I've ever been in. It was so full of energy, and if we stayed open only one more week we would have sold out. I'm happy that I've grown closer to Gloriann through it- seeing as how she is going to be one of my COS buddies :) ... I'm afraid that the weeks post-Smokey Joes were not as great cause I didnt have closure. I was so used to being somewhere all the time- and then I wasnt expected anywhere. I picked up my ditching habits since then. One of the reasons I wasn't ditching was so I could stay eligable for the show. Even though I've been in a gloom these past few weeks doesn't mean I was unhappy, though. I've actually been on an emotional high. Steven and I have been playing Tennis after school (save for this last week.) ... I'm just happy- and my family life is getting happier because of it. I think I'm hormonally through puberty- ha! People just don't realize that things that mattered just don't matter. And that parents can be fun to hang with.

Life As Of Now:

This last week I (plus Mrs. Adams and Mr. Richardson) cast the cast for The Curious Savage which will be my senior project for drama club. I will be a very active co-director in this which I'm excited about. Tomorrow, Mrs. Adams and I will be talking about sets and blocking and then we'll have a readthrough with the cast. I will then be busy at every rehearsal. You know what the cool thing about be codirector is? I do all the work, then I get to watch the show. As soon as we open my job is done and I get to watch- and so to avoid the pain of boredom, I'm going to do a GREAT job working with these talented people: Kristin Danielson, Lacy Lucio, Chelsea Searcy, Michael De Maio, etc... Performance Dates: April 22nd 23rd 24th & matinee on the 25th. ... Also happening right now, is I'm back on the Atkin's diet which surprizingly has been easier this time around. Eggs Meat Cheese & Diet Pepsi arent so bad. Now, I'm mixing in Lettuce so I'm good. Monday (today I guess) will be my seventh day on the diet, and as of yesterday, I'm down ten pounds! I'm excited.

Life As Of Later:

This weekend my family (like 20 of us) and I are going to Disneyland! Woohoo! I'm excited. ... I asked Allyson Adney to the prom and she said yes, so we're going. I still have to surprize her with the question tho. ... I am graduating in JUNE! my last few months of being a kid are upon me and I'm scared. and In August, I turn into a grown-up republican. (I think I'll stay political) ... Then I'm on the path to COS. Even though its a Jr. College, I think it'll be fun. It'll be the best way to have fun with my friends (gloriann steven danny P, and andre [ryan will be in air-force]) I plan on getting on with the drama program there. ... Oh yea- I think I'll try out this year for WestSide Story and Wizard of Oz- so look out for me!

I promise to post again soon.
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2004|04:39 pm]
× Tim Anderson ×
haha- i'm watching "real life: I'm getting a divorce" on MTV, and this whitetrash chick is divorcing her druggie husband, and she wants to be the first famous white female rapper and she is sooooooooooo horrible. and this whole episode is focused on how she uses her music to seperate from life. But she is the worst rapper i've ever heard. and these two black guys are recording her and saying, "move over eminem" but she is so bad at it its funny. so when she told her husband she wanted a divorce, he was all "whatever jennifer- i don't deserve you." and in tears, he said, "you do what you gotta do, you focus on your music." they all think she is the best in the world hahahaha
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3D!!! [Jan. 4th, 2004|12:28 am]
× Tim Anderson ×
Have you 3D glasses ready? Here's a 3D picture of me pickin my nose!
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